Wall Mural for my bathroom? Good or Bad idea?

Can I use Wall Mural in my bathroom?Eye Catchy Wallpaper Mural installed in Toilet

If you have been contemplating with the idea of decorating your bathroom without having to break your bank nor having to put up with dust from all the hackings?

We have a solution for you. Our in-house designer wall mural can now be installed within hours with minimum mess for both your wet and dry area.

Yes, you heard it right! Besides the cost, with Wall Mural, you are able to customize the images according to your likings with millions of images to choose from.

Our wall murals are designed especially to handle high humidity environments and can be easily cleaned with a sponge. Our washable wall murals are the most suitable, for as long as your bathroom is well ventilated you can give a try to some other designs too. Check out out website https://royalbuilders.com.sg for more designs.

If you love the resort feel, we can bring them to your space!

When work and responsibilities tires you, coming back to a resort feel bathroom does helps to wind down your day before heading to bed. Whether its the seaside or the sunset feel, these beautiful wall mural will always have a positive impact on our vision.

Or will you go for a vibrant underwater sea life wall mural picturing the colorful fish, corals or even the rustic boats park beside the sunset background?

Contemporary Style and Elegance

Marble Wallpaper Mural

Marble Wall Mural has always look great in bathrooms. It gives a modern and classic feel especially when being paired with metallic element with nice chic finishing touch. If you are looking for something less abstract but equally stylish, geometric designs may be your choice. It will bring another dimension to your space when paired with metallic detailing.

Or going bold and wild with our tropical Wall Mural


Floral Abstract Wallpaper Mural

The perfect way of brightening up small spaces, these will look amazing on your bathroom wall. Let’s start with slightly muted colors but equally bold and vibrant designs mixing exotic foliage, flowers and palm trees




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