Featured Wall

Featured Wall

Featured Wall – Home Decor

Featured wall remains a favourite for those looking to make an impression through their home decor.

A featured wall is a great way to add style and interest to a room without overdoing. Especially when it comes to designed wallpaper.

If this is your 1st time deciding to transform your room with a designer featured wallpaper but aren’t exactly sure where to start, worry not!

At Royal Builders Pte Ltd, we are always here to guide, share and put together the featured wall guide, which will help you to choose your wallpaper in accordance to the theme that you have in mind.

1st Step : Choose your location

Before you even start considering styles, you need to decide on the location for your featured wall. A featured wall is intended to act as a focal point in the room, so you need to ensure it is positioned correctly and not hidden from view or obstructed by furniture. A great place to start in a living room is the TV wall in replace with a TV console. This will likely already be positioned in a central location and a feature wall can enhance it.

Tv Featured Wall

If you’re creating a featured wall in a bedroom, choose the wall that your headboard rests against. Again, this is likely already the focal point in the room, so feature wallpaper is a great choice to add even more interest.

Once you’ve selected the placement of your feature wall you can move onto the fun part which is choosing styles! Whether you’re creating a feature in a bedroom, hallway, living room or even bathroom, we will be able to share all our top picks as per your home theme.

2nd Step : Decide on your theme

Abstract or geometric designs are trendy in home decor right now. While an all-over abstract print could overpower a room, using it to create a feature wall is a great way to bring the trend into your home.



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